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We are Notary Public service provider by our branch office in Egypt operated by Canadian and USA notaries. We are operating in Canada, USA and in The Middle East region serving customers in and across all Greater Area of Cairo, Egypt.

Call: 02- 33459623      Mobile: 01099320444

Visit The Notary Public Website >> Notary Mideast

Notary Public Credibility:
Our Notary Public offices are an associates experts lawyers and members in good standing of:

- American Bar Association - United States
- International Bar Association - United Kingdom

We perform official notarial services for notarization and notarized translation using international administrative authentication and certification functions with judicial power under authority of notarial act.

Notary Public Services offer Notarization and Notarial Service Experts for clients from:
Egypt - United Arab Emirates - Kuwait - Oman - Qatar - Saudi Arabia - Bahrain - Dubai.
We certify and notarize documents, then send it worldwide scanned or by FED-EX or DHL to our clients.

Notary Public service center in Egypt perform the following duties :
  • Attesting the signature and execution of documents.
  • Authenticating the execution and content of documents.
  • Administration of oaths and declarations
  • Providing documents to deal with the administration of the estate of people who are abroad or own property abroad
  • Notarization and notarized translation by and certification that a document has been legalized and authenticated by our Notary Public through a process by various seals and stamps.
  • Notarize Statement by wording statements accompanied by Notarial Certificate.
  • Gift deed by sworn Affidavit as a proof of funds (POF) for Canada Immigration.
  • Luxembourg all passport pages Notarization for travel visas.
  • Authorized Notary Public to Certify and Notarize identity verification documents for International Credentials (EPIC), IRISH Medical Council (IMC), Canadian Medical Council (MCC), USA Medical Exam (USMLE) and all worldwide medical councils.
  • Affidavit of translator for Canada Immigration and Notary Public seal in all Canada immigration documents.
  • Documents Notarization and certify true copy of original documents. Certified true copy of originals.
  • Certify and witness translation by notary affidavit for Australia Immigration declarations and all other legal documents.
  • Take acknowledgments and Affidavits under oath for all types of documents and certificates.
  • Take depositions or testimony in front of the Notary Public.
  • Guarantor for Canadian Passport Requirements.
  • Commission and signature witnessing for Affidavits and deeds.
  • Drafting Statutory Declaration for various courts worldwide.
  • Notarizing translation and notarization of certificates and legal documents.
  • Statutory Declaration Subscribed and sworn for Australia, Canada, New Zealand and The United States assessment of (Engineers Australia, Australian computer society - ACS) and all other immigration assessment authorities.
  • Power of Attorney (POA) for ownership or property lease.
  • Certified True Copy of school, college diplomas, certificates, university degrees ad transcript.
  • Legalize immigration documents for USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Most World countries.
  • Name changes certification of the same true name under oath.
  • Passport Application: includes certification of applicant's photo, declaration in lieu of guarantor and certification of documents that support the applicant's identity
  • Consent to Travel Documents: Drafting and notarization of consent to travel document for when a child is traveling without both parents.

Stamps and Seals of our Notary public are recognized Internationally and verified by his registration numbers and Credibility accepted in all countries worldwide.

Copyright 1994 ICU Translation service center.

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