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ICU Translation      Classified No.1        All Languages        Best Prices

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ICU Translation services established in 1994 and starts its operation in Canada on 2003. Our translators profile of experts having experience in translation field was the major factor to become the world highly ranked translation service leader and Provider.

Our professional translation profile contains expertise working by evolution with manuals, books, contracts, technical specifications, data sheets, CAD drawings, scientific papers, medical reports, business correspondence, software and more including vital information such as terms and conditions and customer inquiry forms. We are able to work in any and all language, as we have access to thousands of professional information. When you send your project to us, it is specifically assigned to certified translator  who has made your industry's technical terminology their professional life's work.

We can assist with special marketing translation projects including brochures, magazine advertisements, websites, business cards and cover letters.
Our agency working translators are selected not only for their linguistic skills, but also for their technical expertise. Our team guarantees accurate, well-written translations of marketing, advertising, promotional documents, brochures and flyers. Translation are available in all major languages, and will employ the language level you would expect from a professional marketer in the target language.

An official, certified translation is one that has been verified formally so that it can be used as an official document. Items that often require certified translation include:

  • Birth, death, marriage, divorce and adoption certificates.
  • Academic diplomas, credentials, courses and reports.
  • Work, medical and academic transcripts.
  • Contracts and other legally binding documents.
  • Commercial and trade contracts, tenders and international correspondences.
  • Medical , physical, nursing and biomedical documents.
  • Books, articles, and  newsletters.
  • Legal, court decision and juridical reports.
  • Mechanical, electrical, environmental, petroleum and biomedical engineering documents.
  • Economy and international trade reports.
  • Political sciences, international relation, Human resources, policies and regulation documents.
  • News articles, reporter's documents, army brochures and international amendments.

Our general practice includes a signed cover letter with the final translation, stating that the translation has been performed by a professional translator working for Translation Central Head Office.

Copyright 1994 ICU Translation service center.

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