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Professional Outstanding Achievement in Translation Fields

Welcome To ICU Translation Services  - The Certified Translation Agency Experts

ICU Translation Service center is the most powerful translation and notarization agency in the Middle-East and Egypt.  We are registered and certified professional translation experts gateway working 24/7 per day and  365 days a year to translate over 120 languages at affordable cost and most advances tools. Our certified professional Canadian native translators reached highest quality  translation and language interpretation fields. We have also an  accurate native translators and interpreters with proofreaders who put us in the lead of this profession. We are registered agency and our center operating in the Middle East with representative in Canada for Multi-languages translation and interpretation managed by qualified managers. Our translation strives to appear as if originally written in the target language.
We pride ourselves having our global translation agency classified Number 1 in North America and Middle East region awarded excellence professional expertise certificate.
Also we notarize and certify documents by our Notary Public who is a member of a good standings in American Bar Association (No.02466519) and International Bar Association (No. 1018179).
Our high performance and top revolution in translation quality serving thousands of clients each year and awarded in 2017  an excellence award from International Federation of Certified Translators (IFCT) for top quality translation and professional translators. We have very progressive and challenging team of experts of professional expertise using the latest technologies handed by our exceptional trademark software which is the most advanced copyright translating software.

Expertness In Quality

We set the target when it comes to terminology perspectives. We work professionally in translation text and terminology proofreading which is highly valued and eagerly sought.

Professional Expertise

We are proud having professional certified expertise in translation and interpretation service filed because of  our translators and interpreters qualifications and special skills.

Retaining The Privacy

We are rated highly ranked translation service company. We use secure SSL or Google drive as a method of documents transfer as if only mentioned in work orders.
Revolution In Accuracy
Our translation works done with accuracy by professional native translators and experts in their fields. Revolution came from our exceptional outstanding services.

Our professional by sworn translation are notarized by registered notary public to become authenticated translation which approved by International Association of Professional translation and UNESCO and International Federation of Translators (FIT). Our history and tremendous number of existing clients gave us their testimonials showing that we are the best professional translation center.

Also the notary public stamp and certify translated documents showing certified true copy of original documents using authentication and certification methods of notarization by notary public which is mandatory and recognized if you submit your translated documents to government agencies or educational institution for certificates recognition and immigration purposes worldwide.
ICU Translation service center is certified and accredited worldwide No.12535, Under supervision of Ministry of Social Solidarity No. 2109 and International Federation of Translators (FIT) under UNESCO Organizations No.415.
In another hand we are registered and authorized sworn translators agency for Immigration - Citizenship departments - Business - Legal - Notary Public -Academic - certificates. We offer sworn affidavit of true translation in presence of Notary Public.

Contact Us for free quote. Our Addresses:

Middle -East Regional office
16 Khan Younis Street, 5 th floor, Mohandseen, Giza - Egypt
Tel: (202) 33459623 (Office) and 01005298720 (Mobile)

North America office

1170 Cure-Labelle, office 108, Laval, Quebec - Canada
Tel: (450) 233 2744 (Office)

We provide outstanding translation and interpretation services. Our highly trusted Canadian translators and interpreters do everything possible and beyond in order to satisfy your needs. We understand that translation is a complicated tasks that everyone needs are unique and different. We pay very careful attention to every customer we receive. Together we will definitely find a solution that will be mutually satisfactory for you. Do not forget that we are here to make your translation experience as pleasing as it is only possible for you to imagine.

When it Comes to Highest Quality and Efficiency. We are Proud To be The BEST

We have found the accurate and excellent translation company from English to Arabic and English to French. We recommend this company to everyone.
Jarry levis. Esso. Cairo Egypt.

I have the pleasure for being the client of ICU Translation.
G.Watson. McLean Medical research institute. Saudi Arabia.

ICU Translation office is the best agency for French - English text translation.
Michael Heygard and Associates. Qatar.

Ce est le meilleur bureau de traduction. Laval. .
Maiden Issac. Lagoon Franchise. Montreal, Quebec.

Those people working in ICU Translation are incredible.
Jolia Gabrielle ,, Mac Donald's Restaurants. Dubai. United Arab Emirates.

We enjoyed the welcome and exceptional work done by ICU Translation team.
Daniel Leblanc. Governor General. Bahrain.

This is the recommended Notary public office in Egypt. They notarize with stamp certified true copy of original and perform sworn affidavit and witness Statutory Declarations.
Sherif El-Attar. Oman.